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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hello folks,

Thank you for stopping by, this is my first blog post for the Student Union page.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gregg Maflin, I am the Student Events Officer and have worked at Regents for 2 years. During this time, I have taken groups of students around my personal version of this great city I call home [London] and showed them things they may not have seen before!

From unusual museums, flea-markets, grand houses, odd shops, historic pubs and haunted streets they have, hopefully, found things not only to amuse them but to shock and intrigue them [including tales of ghosts on the underground where to find real treasure at Bootsales!

On this blog, I will share some ideas of places to go in the city, if you are here, and also I will mention some interesting upcoming events of the week, whether online or in person [make sure to check all the events on their social media pages before travelling, as things can change quite quickly!]

This week it is all about flea-markets or in London terms "Bootsales". There are some famous markets that cater to antiques, but I have to say you are unlikely to find a great bargain at them, "even at the crack of dawn with a torch". Far better to go to some of the local bootsales/fairs dotted about London where both small dealers and ordinary folks sell their wares. It's always possible if you're prepared to look hard and go through the boxes you may find a treasure (I know because I have!)

On this Friday's talk -on Microsoft Teams-, I will share some of my stories.

The most famous antiques markets are:

  • Portobello Road on Friday/ Saturday

  • Covent Garden on a Monday

  • Camden passage on a Wednesday/Saturday [ sadly hardly any stalls]

  • Spitalfields on a Thursday

  • Brick Lane on a Sunday. [ though the days of buying in the small hours with a torch have largely passed, the famous "Bagel Shop" is still going strong so you can at least buy a filling snack on your way round the market. ]

These markets are worth a look to get an idea of prices but you are more likely to find a treasure at a bargain price in Deptford, Kilburn, Dalston, Denham or Holloway if you know where to find the Bootsale. I could tell you more... but I would be giving away all my secrets, so you will have to try and search out these places and go and see, maybe I will see you there! Happy hunting! Intrigued to know more? Join this week's talk.

See you soon!


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