The Student Union is the official representative body for all students attending Regent’s University London. If you’re enrolled at the University, you are automatically a member of the Student Union.

We aim to operate in a fair and democratic manner and promote the welfare of all students. We act as a channel of communication between students and the University, representing students on many committees and at meetings.

The Student Union encourages and supports student-run societies, sports, academic and social activities. If you would like to start a new society, the Student Union can provide financial support as well as guidance.

Our Office is located on the Ground Floor of Acland Building, in room 001. Feel free to come and see us in our office or you can contact us via phone or email.

  1. To be the official representative body for students attending Regent’s

  2. To operate in a fair and democratic manner, remaining apolitical at all times

  3. To promote the general welfare of our members

  4. To advance the education and training of our members

  5. To encourage and support student societies, sports and social activities, financially or otherwise

  6. To act as a channel of communication between our members and the University, or other bodies; in particular to organise and provide student representation for relevant committees and meetings

  7. To pursue any matter of relevance to our members as students of Regent’s

  8. To conduct all of the above in a strictly not-for-profit manner

Student Union, Acland 001

Regent’s University London

Inner Circle, Regent’s Park

London, United Kingdom


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